Loess Hills Master Naturalists
“...the most fun lies in seeing and studying the unknown.” 
― Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac
Advanced Training
  1. May 9th
    Birds and Their Nesting Habits
    presented by Dr. Julie Jedlicka, MWSU faculty. 6pm
  2. June 13th
    Total Solar Eclipse
    presented by Beth Conway, St. Joseph Convention and Visitors Bureau. 6pm
  3. July 11th
    Prairie Orchids & the Hawk Moth
    Presented by Dr. David Ashley. MWSU faculty. 6pm at the MDC office in St Joseph
  4. August 8th
    Chronic Wasting Disease in the Missouri Deer Herd
    presented by TJ Peacher, Missouri Department of Conservation. 6pm